Kishtwar, Feb. 16: The Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Kishtwar, Shri Abdul Qayoom-JKPS*, convened a comprehensive security & crime review meeting at the District Police Headquaters in Kishtwar today. The meeting was attended by the SDPOs, SHOs, IC PPs, IOs, and other officers.

*During the meeting, SSP Kishtwar* addressed various critical aspects related to crime prevention, investigation, and community safety. The primary objectives of this meeting were as follows:

1. *Review of Recent Crime Trends:* A detailed examination of recent crime trends and statistics in the Kishtwar district was undertaken to identify areas of concern.

2. *Progress in Ongoing Investigations:* The progress made in ongoing criminal investigations was discussed to ensure timely resolution and justice for victims.

3. *Enhancing Community Policing:* Strategies to strengthen community policing and enhance public safety were deliberated upon, emphasizing the importance of community involvement in maintaining law and order.

4. *Evaluation of Crime Prevention Initiatives:* The effectiveness of existing crime prevention initiatives was evaluated to optimize resources and improve outcomes.

5. *Combatting Drug Abuse:* Measures to tackle drug abuse within the district were discussed, with a focus on prevention, rehabilitation, and enforcement.

6. *Addressing Bovine Smuggling:* Strategies to curb bovine smuggling activities were reviewed, highlighting the need for coordinated efforts to combat this illegal practice.

7. *Anti-Militancy Operations:* Updates on anti-militancy operations and strategies were provided, emphasizing the importance of maintaining vigilance to ensure the safety and security of the region.

Furthermore, it was emphasized that daily updates on these issues would be maintained through the E-beat book records, facilitating real-time monitoring and response.

*SSP Kishtwar,* directed the participating officers to remain extra-vigilant, strengthen nakas/checkpoints, and generate actionable intelligence so that the nefarious designs of anti-national elements can be thwarted. He further directed the officers to take the lead while conducting area domination/patrolling and speculative/specific CASOs in vulnerable areas/pockets. This meeting served as a crucial platform to identify challenges, share insights, and develop actionable plans to address both existing and emerging security concerns in the district.