Jammu,14: Cyber Cell of District Police Jammu solved four separate online cyber crime complaints.

1. A complaint was received regarding financial fraud of Rs.45000.The complainant received a fake credit message after that fraudster called him and asked an amount has been wrongly transferred and requested to send him the transferred amount back and the victim send the amount without checking balance of his Bank statement.Later on he found the text message a fake message and an amount of Rs 45,000 got deducted from his account.

2. One complaint was received regarding financial fraud of Rs.35000 in which Artifical grass seller searched online dealer of wholesaler of Artificial grass and contacted with the fraudsters and fraud committed with him for an amount of RS.35,000.

3. A complaint of financial fraud of Rs 25000 in which the karyana shop owner received a phone call in which the suspect person ordered some items and send fake message of payment and complainant send him an amount of Rs.25000

4. Another complaint was received in which the complainant defrauded by an amount of RS.10,000 .The complainant made transactions after which the fraudster demanded more amount and then complainant smelled fraud and reported the matter.

During the investigation, the Cyber Cell DPO Jammu, acted swiftly and exhibited hectic efforts which ultimately led to put on hold an amount of Rs 1,02,000/- out of 1,15,000/ in these four separate online cyber crime complaints . Further investigation is underway.

𝗦𝗦𝗣 Jammu Dr.Vinod Kumar 𝗜𝗣𝗦 reiterated in his appeal to the general public to remain extra vigilant and report promptly to the National Helpline number 1930 or Cyber Cell DPO Jammu helpline number 8899537995
.SSP Jammu also encouraged citizens to lodge cyber complaints online at www.cybercrime.gov.in. and
www.ceir.gov.in for lost/ Stolen Mobile. Emphasizing the importance of awareness and collaboration in effectively combating cyber threats.
District Police Jammu, equipped with advanced technology and skilled personnel, remains at the forefront in the fight against cybercriminals.