Samba, July 03: Acting sternly against narcotics smuggling and suppliers, J&K Police today under Operation Sanjeevani seized 2 properties of drug peddler under Section 68F (Chapter 5A) of Narcotics & Psychotropic Substances Act.

This strong action today was taken by Police Station Bari Brahmana, where Pakka houses of 02 drug peddlers namely Farman Ali alias Munna s/o Bhag Hussain r/o Karel Manhansan Bishnah A/P Balol Khad , Bari Brahmana and his associate Farman Din alias Fama s/o Gashu Din r/o Laswara , Bishnah A/P Balol Khad , Bari Brahmana worth approximately 19 lakhs and 31 lakhs respectively were seized under 68F(1) of NDPS Act via a freezing order issued in this regard.

It is informed that Police Station Bari Brahmana had lodged a FIR 06/2024 under NDPS Act , in which accused Farman Ali @ Munna S/O Bagh Hussain r/o Balol Khad was booked for illicitly transferring money amounting to about Rs 4.50 lakh to Punjab and having in possession chitta and cash currency of Rs 1.29 lakhs. On further investigation one of his associate namely Farman Din @ Fama was also booked under the same case as part of backward linkage, backed by technical evidence and accused disclosure.

Further given the highly notorious nature of drug peddler and his involvement in multiple FIRs, accused Farman Ali @ Munna was booked under Prevention of Illicit Traffic in Narcotics Drugs & Psychotropic substances Act (PITNDPS). However his associate is currently absconding. Now in coordination with PS Bishnah, civil administration of Bari Brahmana & Bishnah , Police Station Bari Brahmana has seized properties of both accused and his associate.

While police is putting continuous effort to apprehend drug peddlers, this action aims to seize illegal proceeds of crime, thus creating deterrence for illegal narcotics trade in region.
Samba Police remains committed to take all steps necessary to counter drug menace, police requests citizen to come out and help police in this endeavour.